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Leather Cream

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Leather Cream

Leather Cream prolongs the life of your leather. The cream hydrates your leather by allowing atmospheric moisture to be absorbed; this prevents your leather from drying out and helps to keep it soft and supple. Applying the cream regularly strengthens the fibres in the leather which helps prevent your leather from cracking. It also adds a small protective barrier to leather, helping to prevent against everyday wear and tear.

Ruskin Leather Cream is also a mild cleaner to help clean dirt and dust, as well as containing an anti-bacterial agent to prevent mould growth.

Want your leather smelling like new? Our Leather Cream has been designed to give you that new leather smell after the first use.

Leather is a natural product, this means that it needs care and maintenance to keep it looking and feeling like new!

(Do NOT use on Suede or Nubuck)

  • Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  • Do not mix the cream with water or any other fluid, use straight from bottle.
  • Ensure that the leather surface is clean and dry before the applying the cream. Be sure to remove dirt, grime and stains before application.
  • Use the enclosed special cleaning cloth which has been developed specifically to apply and distribute the cream smoothly without scratching the surface.
  • Remember – Spot test the cream on a small area of the surface before applying the cream fully.
  • Apply the cream in a light circular motion without applying any heavy pressure.
  • Wait at least two minutes after the cream has been applied before using your leather.


      • “We used it initially to refresh the seats of our luxury executive limo. It cleans and conditions the seats very well but one key difference I noticed in comparison to other leather conditioners is that it somehow makes the leather smell like new. You almost get that factory new smell out of the seats which is really amazing!” – Veritas
      • “My husband loves leather and I bought this thinking of him. He used the cream for practically everything that is made of leather. Precisely, his favourite jacket is leather and he preserve it and clean it with this cream and always is very pleased with the results. Also, he use the cream to protect his shoes, and it can be use in a lot of other products. The leather cream includes a cloth that makes very easy the application” – Amazon Customer


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